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The Things We Take for Granted

With a title like, Media History: The Story of Film, TV, and Media, one can easily guess what the movie is going to be about…right? Well, it goes a little deeper than that – this movie made me (and I’m guessing a few of my classmates) start to really think about all of the media available to us.

At the start of the movie, it was admittedly, a little dull. I think that can mostly be attributed to the lack of technology that was available at the time it was made. That being said, the movie was very interesting and helpful in revealing the extra details of media history that cannot be reviewed in class due to lack of time.

You can hear me?!?! I can hear you too!

I liked how the film tracked the progress of communication, from the printing press, to the telegraph, to the phone…it made me think about how life possibly was back then. I’m sure when the telegraph was first introduced, people thought “woah! You can send my message by pressing that little button a bunch of times without a wire?” I’m sure they were completely flabbergasted when the telephone came out. Yes, the phones had wires but then that led to a new invention. People had started to question, why can’t voice be heard through the airwaves?

Appropriate question.

Boom. Invention of the radio and the start of Mass Communications as we know it today. I’ve been interested in Mass Communications for a long time but I never really thought about its origins. This video started to put things into perspective for me.

"But Moooommmmm! There is nothing on!"

The part of the video that had the most significant impact though was towards the end. There was one gentleman in particular (his name slips my mind…) who thought it was absolutely amazing that they could have one device that let us do everything. In 1998, he considered this magic. The people of 2012 truly take for granted all of the electronics we have. I’m not even just talking about cell phones and computers and iPods, either. Just thinking about all of the different televisions stations is unreal too. Television started off with three stations. THREE!! CBS, NBC, and ABC. That’s it, those were the three stations and everybody was happy with them. I have more than three stations that I just watch hockey games on. Trying to imagine having no variety sort of blows my mind.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that watching this movie made me…thankful. It put things into perspective for how little we could have and made me realize that sometimes I should slow and think about how much we really do have. I’m sure my mom will appreciate that I won’t be complaining, “there’s nothing on tv!!” for a long time.


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