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Hello! My name is Amanda Mencik and I am a media addict.

We, as a society, are driven by media. Whether it is through our cell phones, the internet, or advertising – we’re 100% on the consumer end of the spectrum. While I was already aware of this before I started this project, I did not realize the effect advertising and media have on our culture.

Good morning, music!

Every morning – my iPhone wakes me up with the music stored on it. After waking up (and admittedly hitting snooze), I check out the different apps that I’ve got on my phone. I find out what the weather is for the day, what new stories have been added to the CNN headlines app, and see what the latest “news” is on Facebook. All of this media before I’ve even gotten out of bed!

As the day carries on – I encounter media when I hear music as I go get breakfast at The Den, as I walk to class, as I do homework, and there is a lot of media and advertising when I watch the Washington Capitals games on TV. In fact, I didn’t realize it until the next day, but when I was watching the Washington Capitals game, they kept having advertisements for “stuffed burgers” at The Greene Turtle. Next thing I know, I had a lunch date to go eat one.

The biggest form of media that I partake in on a daily basis is music. I LOVE MUSIC! To me, music is the best form of expression and there is meaning in every single song. I did not, however, realize just how much music I listened to on a regular basis. After calculating the time spent with music (including while working on homework), I realized that I spend about one third of my day with music playing. 8 hours. That’s ridiculous!

Reviewing two days worth of media use was intense. I always knew that my use of media was excessive but I had never really taken the time to think about JUST how much media I really use, both voluntary and involuntary.


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