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All of the Excitement Without the Overpriced Beer!

It is very infrequent that I miss a Washington Capitals hockey game. Generally, the only time I miss a Caps game – it is being shown on the NHL Network and Towson doesn’t get that station. Luckily, the Capitals website is very helpful for those fans that are unable to watch the game AND even for those who are. Now, regardless of whether it’s on TV or not, you can enjoy all of the excitement of the Caps game without dealing with the crowds and the dent in your wallet.

Helpful Tools

All of the blogs and writings on the website can serve a double purpose. On top of being informative to returning fans, they can also be used as teaching tools to new fans. That is just one way the website is helpful.

The Caps website has many other helpful  features, including but not limited to: a preview that fans can read before the game, game notes that have the stats for both teams, headlines so that fans can keep up with some of the Caps off ice activities, and blogs that promote the Capitals but are not directly written by Capitals employees. These blogs are helpful so you get the take of somebody who doesn’t work for them (meaning they won’t have the sway of corporate ownership). The website even has the ability to listen to the radio call of the game if you cannot watch it.


For a sports website, the National Hockey League does a pretty good job at making the site interactive. The fans have the opportunity to participate in polls, upload fan photos, buy memorabilia, and watch videos from various practices, games, and behind the scenes events.

Another thing the website does well is its overall ease of functionality. You don’t need to be a computer genius in order to navigate the website and the highlight reel on the front page makes it even easier to find the latest and greatest information. There is a search bar in the upper right corner that adds to the ease in finding things on the website. After typing in a few key words – the search bar takes you to a page that has news, image, audio, and video results.

Visual Appeal

The site is visually appealing. The teams’ colors are red, white, and blue and their slogan is “Rock the Red.” Because of this, the majority of the website has those colors but it is done in a way that is classy and not overwhelming.

Overall, the website has something for everyone. There are the game notes and in depth analysis for the super fans, the Scarlet Caps designed specifically for the ladies, and even a kids zone so you can start the fandom in your children early. The only thing that I’d like added would be the video streaming of the game. Unfortunately, the NHL got smart and made that available, but only if you pay for it.

***Side note, the game I watched while writing this was the Washington Capitals- Montreal Canadiens game. It was nerve-wracking, but the Caps won in the shootout! 🙂 Two more points for the Caps and they stay in the playoff race.

8th is last place, but they are still in the playoffs!!


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