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Nothing Refreshes Like a Diet Pepsi

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It’s no secret that, in the media, sex sells. Pepsi has come up with a great ad campaign to utilize that fact while advertising for Diet Pepsi.

Sofia Vergara, who actually got her career start with a Latin American Pepsi commercial, has been the face of Diet Pepsi for the last two years. She became incredibly popular after landing a role in the show Modern Family as the sultry Colombian woman with a sexy accent. Pepsi decided to use her as the face of the campaign because she appealed to the demographic they wanted to reach. Before Sofia Vergara, Diet Pepsi was never the soda that was considered cool. It was generally only consumed by older people and people trying to lose weight.

Now that they have Vergara, Diet Pepsi is being consumed by the younger generation as well. Vergara is cool so the product is cool by association. Men want to be with her and Women want to be like her. Pepsi definitely utilizes the famous-person testimonial well.

The main component of the campaign is a commercial with Vergara dancing her way through possible suitors in a club in order to find the waiter with a Diet Pepsi.

To branch off from that, there are several other ads that use Vergara to advertise Diet Pepsi. For instance:

Magazine Ads

Internet Banners
and even ads in Times Square

This campaign does a good job at keeping the ads sexy by being fun and flirty. This is good because sometimes food or drink campaigns that try to be sexy end up being lurid and creepy. For example, Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr commercial.

Obviously, we all eat burgers while washing our cars, too.

Another thing that contributes to the success of these ads is the air time. Generally, the commercials are played during prime time television when everybody is watching. The magazine ads aren’t just thrown into any magazine – they’re deliberately placed in magazines like ESPN, Cosmo, People, Vogue, and Maxim. You won’t find them in the less popular magazines like Good housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens. The Pepsi company was smart when choosing how to spend their money to reach the people they wanted.

The Diet Pepsi ads make me (and most of my generation) want to buy Diet Pepsi. The campaign has been very successful and it is likely that Pepsi will continue to use Vergara’s image for years to come.


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